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Auto Body Painting

At Ace Auto Body, we understand that your car’s beautiful glossy finish is the first thing everyone notices when you pull up to the curb. A brand new paint job makes your car attractive and enhances your pride of ownership. As time passes, road hazards, parking lot dings, and weather extremes in the Greater Hartford Area take their toll on your paint. But before you go to the expense of replacing your old car, give our auto body painting specialists an opportunity to resolve your car’s image problems.

Our skilled auto body painting technicians perform high-quality auto body painting to bring back the attraction that made you fall in love with your car in the first place. Our auto body painting process makes your car look good, but they do more than that. A quality paint job protects vehicle’s metal from corrosion and rust and eliminates fading caused by weather and environmental pollutants

Ace Expertise:

Clear coat paint protects your finish

Complete car paint gives your car a whole new finish

Panel paint restores only damaged or worn areas

Clear Coat Paint

Are you an innocent bystander, watching and waiting as your car’s paint gradually fades? Clear coat can minimize your concerns by giving your auto an added layer of protection. Clear coat car paint is paint or resin with no color pigments added. When applied over colored resin, it provides a clear protective layer and a glamorous shine.

A regular application of clear coat will enhance your car’s beauty, and when combined with regular washing and waxing, it will also work hard to protect your car in several ways.

  • Provides protection from ultraviolet sun rays
  • Helps new-car finish last longer
  • Allows removal of surface defects and acid rain damage without damaging paint
  • Helps car paint to resist oxidation
  • Slows down the process of car paint fade
Panel Paint

When you want to upgrade your finish but don’t want to paint your entire car, panel paint is a perfect auto body painting option. Spot painting is an efficient way to touch up your car’s finish when only a few areas need repainting. Our auto body painting technicians complete the job in a series of steps.

  • Examine your car to determine which doors, bumpers or panels need refinishing
  • Sand the surface to smooth and prepare it for painting
  • Work through the multi-step application process to accurately match the color for a flawless blend between old paint and new
  • Finish entire panel with a clear coat to keep the paint color from fading quickly
Complete Car Paint

You might not notice problems with your paint until the entire surface of your car is faded, cracked, peeling or doesn’t retain its shine. But even then it’s not too late. Our auto body painting specialists can resolve your paint issues by refinishing your entire car. We use a simple paint process to give your car a look that’s showroom new.

  • Remove rust spots caused by metal oxidation
  • Straighten any dents or dings on the car surface
  • Sand and smooth the old paint surface so the new paint adheres properly
  • Apply several coats of primer, sealer, paint, and clear coat for lasting vibrant color
Auto Body Painting Hartford CT
I recently had some minor damage to my car and was referred to Ace Auto Body. They did the job quickly and at a fair price. It is now the only shop I will trust with repairs on my car. Thank you for your reliable, professional and responsive service!!
Kim Reed

Manchester, CT

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