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Automotive Collision Repair

Your car is important to you. Whether it’s sleek and sporty or sturdy and hard-working, it gets you where you need to go and brings you back safely. You count on your car and when it’s damaged in an accident, you want it repaired quickly and you want the work done right. That’s what we do at Ace Auto Body. We do the work right every time and when you bring your car to us for collision repair, we promise to earn your trust from the moment you walk in the door.

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Before we begin your car’s collision repair, we inspect and document your damage. For a fast accurate estimate, we enter the relevant data into our computerized estimate system. This efficient, high-tech process sets the standard for our hands-on work. It allows us to order necessary parts, initiate the repair process, and calculate your car’s potential down time. If your car is disabled and you need transportation, we help you with rental vehicle options.

Insurance Approval

When your collision repair costs are covered by insurance we work with your company throughout the repair process. An auto insurance adjuster usually examines the damage, calculates your car’s actual cash value, compares it to the collision repair costs and determines if it’s a total loss. Once the adjuster decides your car is repairable, he may agree to pay based on our estimate or negotiate parts prices, labor costs, procedures and time required for repairs. When this process is complete, we begin your car’s collision repair.


When we disassemble your car, we reveal its inner structure. If your accident impact was severe, we often find hidden damage. Our collision repair professionals carefully inspect your car to reveal any mechanical damages or problems caused by deployed air bags. When we uncover additional damage, we write a supplemental estimate, order additional parts and request an insurance company re-inspection. Hidden problems are common when you have major damage. They could result in multiple supplemental collision repair order submissions to the insurance company.

Gather Parts

Your collision repair process cannot begin until we receive all of the necessary structural parts. We check for parts availability, order the appropriate parts and wait for them to arrive. Many parts arrive quickly while some require special ordering.

Structural Repair

In our collision repair shop’s structure repair area, we restore your car’s unitized body back to its original factory specification. We accomplish this critical task by placing your vehicle on our frame machine. We then measure the unibody or frame and pull, straighten and align any structural parts. Our technicians use the Chief Automotive Measuring System to monitor and guide all phases of the frame straightening process. This computer based measurement system analyzes your vehicle’s frame and assures accurate repairs.

Body Repair

Our Body Repair department handles your car during some of the final stages of your repair process. Our collision repair specialists replace exterior panels and complete all required metal finishing. We remove welds, replace and re-weld panels, and seal and glue seams. As we repair scratches and dents, install and align sheet metal and send your car to the paint preparations department, your vehicle begins to resemble the car you love.


We know that diligent preparation is the key to a flawless paint application and proper adhesion, so our paint department prepares your car by sanding, cleaning, and back-taping edges to reduce peeling. We mix your paint in a computerized mixing device, which ensures an exact color match. Next we apply color and clear coat in a dust free environment that enables temperatures high enough to bake your paint dry. Finally, we buff, sand, and polish your car until it shines like it did on the showroom floor.


During reassembly, we remount moldings and detail pieces and test suspension, alignment, checking codes and other mechanical systems. Once your car leaves our reassembly area, your repair process is nearly complete and your vehicle is almost ready for delivery.


Extensive vehicle collision repair involves days of intense labor with processes that produce a generous accumulation of dust. It’s important that we include cleaning and detailing as the final steps in your car’s transformation. During this stage we also road test your car and conduct a final inspection to ensure that everything works properly and that your vehicle is restored to its’ pre-accident condition.


When you arrive to pick up your car, we review and explain your bill, complete the final paperwork, hand over your keys and watch you drive away in your newly-restored car.

Love your car again

When you trust Ace Auto Body to perform your collision repair, our professionals remove the dents and dings that diminish its appearance and reduce its value. We transform your worn and damaged car into a shiny beauty that makes you proud. Contact us for more details on how our collision repair specialists can restore your car back into the car you love.

I am more than just pleased .. I am DELIGHTED .. with the job ACE did on my “baby” … my classic 1992 Toyota Celica GT Convertible has never seen winter – has only 80K miles on it .. so I was upset when someone backed into it .. I was devastated three days later when a different person backed into the opposite side!! But I didn’t have to worry … Gary and his crew did an awesome job making her brand new again. ACE is my go-to place now and I highly recommend them.

Patricia Ulin

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