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Fleet Services Ambulance Auto Body Repair Hartford CT


Fleet Services Ambulance Auto Body Repair Hartford CT

Fleet Services Auto Body Repair

When you rely on a fleet to keep your business operations up and running, you need consistently reliable fleet auto body services performed by professionals you can count on. At Ace Auto Body, we understand the concerns of Hartford area business owners. We know that when your fleet vehicles are out of commission, it can restrict the job performance of your traveling executives and road warrior employees. That can mean lost productivity and income for your business and lost peace of mind for your fleet manager.

We want to help you get your valuable employees and executives back on the road. To accomplish that important task, we offer the experience, the professionalism and the fleet services auto body repair services you require.

Ace Expertise:

Accident collision repair

Paint services to restore and upgrade worn, faded and damaged paint

Clear coat to preserve and protect your auto finishes

Ace Auto Body is proud to provide fleet services for these clients
  • GSA (Federal Government)
  • Greater Hartford Rideshare
  • Greater Hartford Transit
  • CNG (Connecticut Natural Gas)
  • Windsor EMS
  • Trinity College (Hartford)
  • Ducci Electrical
Reliable Customer Service

We offer quality fleet auto body services and excellent customer service. Our auto body repair professionals work directly with your fleet manager to expedite the repair process and minimize additional expenses.

  • Free vehicle pickup and delivery
  • Free off-site estimates
  • Digital estimates via email
  • Seamless communication throughout the repair process
Fleet Services Auto Body Repair Hartford CT

In my experience it’s hard to say you trust a company to not only do a great job, but to go above and beyond. I’ve had my fair share of fender benders, all of which were made easier and overall painless with the help of Ace auto body. The guys at Ace are not only knowledgable, but also extremely trustworthy, which is hard to come by especially in the car business. Being a female, and having little knowledge of the basic concepts, makes me an easy target for car-educated and manipulative shops to take advantage of my ignorance. However, this has never been my experience with Ace. They are thorough and patient, explaining all the details to my satisfaction. I would recommend Ace (and I have) to anyone who has been in an accident or who needs some body work done. I’ve had nothing but excellent results from their services.

My first fender bender, I was informed that my vehicle is metallic and therefore would have to be blended in such a way so that as it ages, the paint wouldn’t look like patchwork. When I picked my car up, it looked brand new. I couldn’t see any trace of the damage/ new vs. old paint.

If I were to give the shop a general rating, it would have to be “mind-easing”. Every step of this usually stressful and annoying process I was informed. I knew what was needed, I knew how much time it would take, and I knew the expense. It was so very straightforward and informative that it put my mind at ease knowing that my vehicle was in good hands. Car problems are by far the worst, and if anyone is looking for a painless, friendly, and competent shop to take care of bodywork, I ALWAYS recommend Ace Auto body.

I truly appreciate Ace Auto body, but hope not to see them for a while, as I don’t intend to be in any accidents any time soon… but who does? When it happens though it’s good to know my car is in good hands.

Robyn Letourneau

Marlborough, CT

ACE Auto Body, Inc.

911 Park St. Hartford,
CT 06106
Business Hours:
7 a.m.-5 p.m.



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