Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Hartford CT
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Hartford CT

ADAS Calibration

At Ace Auto Body, we understand just how vital the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is for enhancing your safety and driving skills. A malfunctioning ADAS system increases the chances of collisions and injuries.

A properly calibrated ADAS can prevent up to 62% of crashes a year. A damaged ADAS system requires care that only skilled professionals can provide.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Calabration

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When is ADAS calibration necessary?

Several things can throw off the ADAS system, forcing you to seek calibration. A minor fender bender, auto accident, and even regular car servicing can affect a sensor’s functioning.
Ace Auto Body Inc. are the best auto shop in Greater Hartford that offers static and dynamic ADAS calibration.

  •  Static calibration
    As the name suggests, technicians perform static calibration when a car is stationary and in a controlled environment.
  •  Dynamic calibration
    Technicians perform dynamic calibrations while driving at certain speeds and under specific conditions. Our trained team knows to set clear parameters that help accurately calibrate misaligned sensors.

We have the tools and qualified team to handle the calibration with the care it deserves.

Conducting the calibration

Carrying out a successful calibration is no minor task that any mechanic can work out. They need intensive training and precision tools to pull it off. Even regular service such as wheel alignment can misalign ADAS.

Whether its static or dynamic ADAS, these are some of the calibration jobs Ace Auto Body Inc. will handle:

  • Adaptive cruise control: Calibrate the cruise control sensors by aiming the radar sensors at a reflective pyramid-shaped target.
  • Lane departure system: A staple of self-driving vehicles, such a calibration may involve measuring devices, laser tools, calibration mats, and corner reflectors.
  • Around-view camera: These cameras are responsible for keeping the vehicle aware of its surroundings. The mechanic will place patterned mats around the vehicle to initiate the calibration.
  • Pedestrian automatic emergency braking system: Vital as a braking aid to prevent running over a pedestrian if the driver fails to hit the brakes.
  • Steering angle: Involves lining the steering wheel straight ahead and using the scan tool to calibrate the sensor signal.

To guarantee a successful calibration, Ace Auto Body Inc. mechanics will place the car on a flat surface, inflate the tires to the recommended pressure, unload any heavy objects, and use the correct spare tire.

Preparing the car adequately before starting the calibration is vital to success. It is a highly sensitive process that requires experience and precision to accomplish. Thankfully, Ace Auto Body Inc., based in Hartford, has the mechanics to execute the job.

The calibration might require replacing the windshield since most manufacturers mount most of the sensors, radars, and cameras behind or on them.

Trust a skilled team of experts

Our highly trained team understands the importance of regular repairs on ADAS, and that is why we never take shortcuts during the repair process. Our technicians are ASE certified, having undergone proper training and acquired the necessary skills.

That gives you peace of mind knowing that your car is in the right hands. We use the latest tools and technology when conducting ADAS calibrations in-house.

Schedule an ADAS calibration

Not many auto shops have the skills and tools necessary to perform a proper ADAS calibration. At Ace Auto Body Inc., we have a highly trained team ready to get the job done.

We are confident in our services and believe you will be too. Additionally, we offer a warranty for 12 months on all of our services. Visit us in person, or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Hartford CT

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