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Auto Body Dent Repair

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Dent Removal

Your car is a major investment and it’s important to protect its value. When it’s damaged, you insist on quality repairs that restore your vehicle to its original factory finish. At Ace Auto Body in Hartford CT, we understand your demand for repair excellence. When our skilled technicians remove your vehicle’s dings, dents, creases and hail damage, we perform the work with quality in mind. We use specially-designed tools to reform body metal to its original condition. For your continued peace of mind, we back up our quality vehicle dent repair service with our Ace Auto Body 100% Lifetime Warranty.

Bumper Repair

A beautiful bumper enhances the look and feel of your car. Unfortunately, driving mishaps and parking lot encounters can cause scrapes, scruffs, dents, scratches and gouges that alter your bumper’s curb appeal and decrease its overall value. Ace Auto Body can bring back the look you love by restoring your bumper with quality repairs for a lot less than you might think.

How do we remove scratches or dings in your paint job or bumper?

Whether we are performing a simple dent repair or a major panel restoration, we don’t rush your repair process because we want to do it right. Our technicians understand that the completion time for your auto repairs can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the technical difficulty of restoring your body lines to pre-accident condition. We follow a consistent, step-by-step repair process give you professional results.

  • We clean and prepare the area to be repaired.
  • To protect adjacent areas of your car, we mask them to eliminate overspray.
  • We analyze your paint and determine the accurate color match before sanding into a damaged area.
  • We sand and repair the scratched or damaged area, add a primer coat, re-sand to smooth the surface, then prep for paint.
  • After your panel or bumper scratched or dent repair area is appropriately primed and prepped, we add a base-coat of color-matched paint.
  • For a quality finish, we apply two layers of clear-coat.
  • We speed up the clear-coat drying and curing process by “baking” it at 150 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • We examine repaired panels for dust particles, then sand and buff them away for a glossy finish.
Dent Repair in Hartford CT

Dented Rim repair

Shiny new wheels reflect your sense of style and add the finishing touch to your car’s distinctive look. When your wheels or rims are scratched, gouged, corroded, bent or peeling, they diminish your vehicle’s curb appeal and tarnish your pride of ownership.

Ace Auto Body Wheel scratch and dent repair has a remedy for your wheel problems. Our comprehensive damage repair solutions and clear coat enhancements will bring back the look and style that’s important to you.

Can bent rims be repaired?

Damaged wheels lessen your car’s attractiveness, but they also cause critical safety issues on the road. Replacing them can be costly, but Ace Auto Body is proud to offer a scratch and dent repair alternative. As long as your wheel damage is not too extensive, our auto body professionals can repair them. When you choose our economical scratch and dent repair option, you save you money over the cost of replacements. We offer a variety of wheel and rim services.

  • We straighten bent wheels to eliminate safety issues.
  • We perform simple scratches, gouges, and dent repair to restore your car’s look and style.
  • We halt corrosion to prevent further wheel deterioration.
  • We restore peeling finishes with clear coats.

“My experience with Ace Auto Body was completely seamless. The quote I received was exact and the dent repair work was perfect. They also helped move the child car seats, arranging with a rental car, and eased my wife’s concerns. Ace Auto Body even took the time to clean the inside and outside of the vehicle. We could not be more appreciative.”

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