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At Ace Auto Body, we understand the critical role frame repair plays in keeping you safe. A frame supports your vehicle like a skeleton. It establishes vehicle dimensions, keeps parts aligned, and absorbs collision-related energy. Our high-quality frame repair restores your frame so it can continue to perform these important functions.

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Unibody and Frame Repair

Proper frame repair requires specialized knowledge of vehicle frame specifications. Trucks and SUVs are built with body-on-frame construction. Autos and small crossover SUVs have unibody frames. Some vehicles use a combination. Whatever your vehicle type, our frame repair professionals will use quality frame repair tools to restore your vehicle’s structural integrity. That’s important because half of all collision-related damages require frame repair.

  • Diamond – one side is pushed forward or backward causing a visible diamond shape
  • Twist – one or more frame corners is twisted up or down, causing unstable driving or turning
  • Sag – a section of the car sags and spaces between panels appear tapered
  • Sway – a front or rear end collision causes one or both sides to tilt to one side
  • Mash – a direct front or rear collision causes frame shortening, visible due to wrinkles or body distortions

At Ace Auto Body, we believe that welding is an art. It takes time and effort to learn the skills necessary to repair your auto. Professional welding requires a mastery of knowledge and techniques. Our technicians are skilled in line and spot welding methods. We understand correct temperatures and welding times for proper fusion. We determine appropriate techniques based on metal types and thicknesses then follow a simple welding process to repair your vehicle.


  • Inspect damaged panel
  • Fit new panel for correct sizing
  • Remove old panel
  • Hold new panel in place with clamps
  • Weld new panel in place and fill gaps between panels
  • Grind down welds, making them flush with panel surfaces
  • To complete your repairs, we prime then paint refurbished areas to match your existing finish. The result is a welded repair that looks as good as the original factory assembly

Ace Auto Body is one of the few auto collision shops in the Greater Hartford Area to offer aluminum repair capability. Aluminum has many benefits. It’s lightweight yet nearly equal to steel in strength. It produces better vehicle crumple zones and allows greater fuel efficiency.


The aluminum repair process can be complicated. Steel can cause aluminum to corrode, so our technicians maintain separate aluminum and steel work areas, tools and instruments for successful repairs.


Your suspension system takes on bumpy and uneven roads to provide stability and a smoother ride. Eventually, your shock absorbers or struts will show signs of wear and tear or breakdown.


  • Pulling to one side
  • Steering wheel that’s hard to turn at slow speeds and vibrates at high speeds
  • Excessive or uneven tire wear
  • When our equipment detects a suspension system issue, we correct it and get you back on the road driving safely
Frame Straightening in Hartford CT

I can not express how great these guys are. The price was very fair. The service went well above and beyond my expectations. The car looks brand new again. I had great communication from Kevin keeping me informed and updated on a regular basis. I will 100% recommend to all my friends.

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